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At Fashion Techworks, there are opportunities to host, collaborate, and celebrate different teams, creatives, and events. 

Our Fashion Theater space has a runway and areas for pop-up events, buyers markets, and corporate launch space, or even cocktail hour! 

Below are some exciting things going on at Fashion Techworks.

Learn how to double your profits with half the effort at our event featuring presentations from AIMS360 and tRS!

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Empowering Success in the US Market

A comprehensive program that aims to empower Ukrainian fashion brands to expand their business operations into the US market by participating in virtual trainings with American fashion experts and present their work at LA Market Week.


Ukrainian Fashion Forward at LA Fashion Week

March 22, 2024

Ukraine’s creative spirit continues to flourish as the country continues to resist the Russian invasion. Nowhere is this more evident in the vibrant fashion sector. The Ukraine Fashion Forward (UFF) project is bringing 9 Ukrainian fashion brands to participate in LA Market Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week Powered by Arts Hearts this March.

UFF is set up to provide exposure for the brands and help them create lasting business ties that will allow the country to rebuild and thrive once peace returns. Leading Los Angeles fashion business experts will work with the companies to help them with market analysis, marketing, sales and distribution. Because of the business focus, more than 90 Ukrainian companies applied for UFF and the top 9 are coming to Los Angeles.


Participants showcased their amazing designs on March 22nd, 2024 at the New Mart in Los Angeles for LA Fashion Week.


GlamZ Gala Los Angeles

March 24, 2024

Held at the New Mart in Los Angeles, the event celebrates today's talented youth. GlamZ's Gala provides a space for aspiring models and designers to showcase their passion and work.

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JUNE 1, 2024



JUNE 27 - 30

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Fashion Techworks is the HUB for LASwim Week and LA Fashion Week hosted at The New Mart.

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