Sustainable Apparel Product Development and Production Solutions:

  • FABRIC incubator services accommodate both GERBER and TUKATEC Platforms from CADs to Tech Packs to create samples 

  • We have access to a library of Sustainable Materials from Madisons Innovative Materials 

  • Photographic Image Bank from Tom Keefer Photography

  • Photography and videography services from Malick Diouck

  • Kinetic Colorization of Fabrics from SUSAREL

  •  Expert Advisory Sessions with our Board of Advisors

  • Legal Advisors Withers Bergman LLP

  • Wholesale Apparel Media  partner California Apparel News

  • Industry Guidance  from the California Fashion Association

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Line Sheets, Tech Drawings, CADS, and SPEC sheets done by our team.

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Fashion Techworks is proud to partner with FABRIC Incubator's ROADMAP to offer some extraordinary Apparel Entrepreneur Member services.

 Save $300/month through Fashion Techworks.



Get access to video training modules, downloadables, and resources that guide you through every element of apparel design and manufacturing including…


Business Startup - 36 steps | 15 tools | 2 videos

Branding - 27 steps | 7 tools | 4 videos

Design Development - 74 steps | 107 tools | 47 videos

Pre-Sales - 18 steps | 2 tools | 3 videos

Manufacturing - 45 steps | 35 tools | 26 videos

Marketing - 42 steps | 4 tools | 5 videos

Events & Fashion Shows - 106 steps | 23 tools | 1 video

The Growing Brand - 16 steps | 1 video | connects into On-Demand



FTW Members pay $50/month instead of $350/month on a month-to-month basis with no commitment.


In addition to the signature FABRIC ROADMAP, Fashion Techworks members get access to “no-minimum” manufacturing services, design, development (samples/prototypes) and manufacturing. It's like having a Production Management team “on demand.”

Click here for special Fashion Techworks member access: