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In cooperation with ART HEARTS FASHION we are brining back the Los Angeles Swim Week.

From June 11th until June 14th we will host the big show at our Event Space.

Many designers like Cross Colours, Nike Swim, Mister Tripple X or Keefer Madness will showcase their new collections.

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TJ Walker Brings Juki Machines as Black Design Collective Joins FTW

TJ Walker and the Black Design Collective are moving into the New Mart Building equipped with a Juki sewing room open to all FTW members, and additional classes will be open to the public. 

Sherri Barry & Kornit

LA Fashion Week + 4.0 Industry Event

•    Proven strategies for shortening production cycles, to capitalize on fast-changing demand driven by social media – not brands.
•    Taking virtual concepts to reality, unleashing creativity and design with speed and precision – expanding product offerings and sales channels while eliminating overstocks.
•    Tips for effective e-commerce to maximize contact with the right buyers and sell more, increasing margins and revenues while offering unlimited virtual inventories and products.
•    A visit to a state-of-the-art Digital Urban Factory giving new life to a once-thriving analog factory – the future of nearshore/local production, realizing Kornit’s vision of digitizing and connecting global brands with local fulfillers empowered with superior and consistent production capabilities.
•    Networking, and learning from, like-minded peers and industry leaders focused on digital transformation, sustainability, demand creation, and fashion.

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